Full Metal Alchemist

Once upon a time, I was a huge fan of anime. With the advent of Pokemon, and Dragon Ball Z, and a host of other trite and near pedophilic series, not to mention 3 grueling years of art school watching socially-inept fan-boys recreate and recreate and recreate their favorite characters, I generally vilify anime.

But like everything there are some reasonable exceptions to the rules

After giving up a good solid 26 hours of my life to the series Full Metal Alchemist, I was please with the story line. It was complex, but had a decided beginning and ending. The “discoveries” at the end were consistent with the events at the beginning, not to mention actually answering some of the questions I had. There were a fair number of predictable (and obnoxious) characters, which I have come to expect of any cartoon series, but there were some unpredictable ones as well, which in my world is breath of fresh air.

And despite my addiction to quality of story, I did find myself paying a lot of attention to eth quality of animation, which I felt didn’t belie cheap production. It was actually a learning experience about my own attention to detail as I looked at the finer aspects of the art. It was hardly a masterpiece, but the style was consistent. It reminded me of a more graphic version of the Air Bender series. ie sharper divisions between light and shadow, crisper lines. Making it not “less” good, but different and likable.

FMA is current streaming on Netflix, but I encourage you to watch only when you have time to commit. It’s 51 episodes long and pieces of information echo through out the series making it more enjoyable if you remember some specific details instead of just taking the re-cap on faith.

It’s is a fair and equitable exchange. As we all know, is the first and most important rule of Alchemy

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